Humphrey, Christy Carol

Christy Carol HunphreyChristy Carol Humphrey, age 28, died Aug. 23, 2006 in Jacksonville, NC. In March 2012 a jury was selected to hear the wrongful death lawsuit trial of the doctor accused of not properly suturing Humphrey after her cesarean delivery. The child was healthy. Humphrey’s mother, Betty Jean Simpson, sued Humphrey’s obstetrician, claiming that a major artery in Humphrey’s uterus was not stitched before she was sent to an out-of-county hospital for further treatment. The result of the lawsuit is unknown.

This quilt block was created by Marlene Pantos.

Hartzler, Christy Ann

Christy Ann HartzlerChristy Ann Hartzler, 27, was head of the varsity soccer team and coach at Delavan High School in Springfield, Illinois. She and her newborn baby girl died in a Springfield motel room late in August, 2004. Their bodies were found less than two miles from the apartment that Hartzler shared with a woman. No report was given as to how far along Hartzler was with her pregnancy. Christy Ann was a hometown girl, having attended Delavan schools, where she played volleyball. Her mother, Cathy Hartzler, worked as a secretary at the high school.

”She was a very kind and compassionate person,” Delavan Superintendent Mary Parker said. “She always rose to the challenge to help any student throughout the school district.”

This quilt block was created by Jan Lapetino.

Kim, Christine Jehle

Christine Jehle KimChristine Jehle Kim died of cardiomyopathy during her pregnancy.

Her sister, Robin Lim, made the quilt block in her honor.

Glassman, Cathleen Lyn

Cathleen Lyn GlassmanCathleen (Cathy) Lyn Glassman died on September 11, 1994, in Hays, Kansas.

She died from anesthesia complications and improper intubation during a cesarean section. Her baby, Shaylyn Janae, survives.

Krone, Carrie L.

Carrie KroneCarrie L. Krone died August 16, 2006, at Carthage Area Hospital in Watertown, New York, after a cesarean section for her fourth child. Born on January 3, 1972, in Rochester, she was 34 at the time of her death.

Her death certificate stated that she died because of abdominal hemorrhage caused by a retroperitoneal hemorrhage that occurred during her cesarean. Her family alleges that her physician was negligent in failing to properly diagnose and treat bleeding that took place during and after her surgery. They say that it was already known that Carrie suffered from a bleeding disorder.

Carrie Krone is survived by her three daughters, Kristen, Danielle, and newborn Elizabeth, and her son, Robert.

This quilt block was created by Sarah Mitchell.

Huber, Caitlin

Caitlin HuberCaitlin Huber, 20, died on May 30, 2009, in Chicago. She died from complications of H1N1 flu. Her baby was delivered by cesarean at 27 weeks and remained in intensive care for several weeks.

This quilt block was created by Janet Mollat.

Gaines, Brandette

Brandette GainesBrandette (Brandi) L. Gaines, of Saginaw, Michigan, according to family members, never appeared to recover from the stress related to giving birth to her second child on December 21, 2006. On February 20, 2007, she died from congestive heart failure, which developed around the time of birth. Her daughter, Cera Rose, survives.

This quilt block was created by Margaret Soles.

Joyal, Bethany

Bethany JoyalBethany died at age 22 on July 7, 2005, giving birth to her first child. A softball player and enthusiast herself, she made sure on game days that her husband, Matt’s, gear was ready to go when he got home from work. Bethany died of an amniotic fluid embolism during labor. Her baby son was delivered by emergency cesarean and survived.

Jephson, Ashley

Ashley JephsonAshley Jephson died on August 15, 2004, of complications just after giving birth at Madison Memorial Hospital in Rexburg, Idaho. She was 21 years old and a beautician, who had married her husband, Roger, only one year earlier. Son Ashton Allen survives.

This quilt block was created by Ariana Cohen.

Johnson, Andrea Lorainne

Andrea_Lorainne_JohnsonAccording to her death certificate, 15-year-old Andrea Lorainne Johnson died from a brain hemorrhage, a complication of toxemia of pregnancy. She was almost five months pregnant. Her blood pressure shot up and she suffered severe generalized edema. Doctors performed an emergency cesarean section. She died on June 11, 1992, at University Hospital in Salt Lake City.

This quilt block was created by Ina May Gaskin.

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